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custom laser cutting
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The Technology behind our process makes us and our capabilities extremely unique. We combine various technologies to offer comprehensive laser micromachining services.

New applications are evaluated according to the type of material, complexity of the design, dimensional requirements and tolerances. A step-by-step method is used to determine the optimal laser process for prototypes and production parts.

Our experience transcends a wide variety of laser micromachining equipment, including:

YAG LASERS (for metals and other materials): Micromachining and drilling metals, ceramic, silicon wafers and Piezo materials with features as small as 25 microns

YAG LASERS (for polymers): Micromachining polymers, such as polyimides (kapton, ultem), PEEK, silicone, mylar and thin films

INFRARED LASERS - HIGH POWER: Micromachining metals up to 0.100 inches in thickness

EXCIMER LASER:  Laser ablation of polymers or metals in the single micron range

LASER WELDING: Metal parts

LASER MARKING: Identification of micro-parts


OGP Smartscope Flash System

We've acquired the latest version of the Smartscope Flash System 200 for its Quality Assurance Systems adding to its family of OGP Microscope Systems.

The New OGP Flash provides a significant addition used in everyday laser micromachining operation for real time SPC:

  • The OGP Smartscope laser scan allows measurements of depth and width with single micron slots and holes in opaque materials produced by Excimer Laser imaging and micromachining techniques. 
  • In addition to great optical performance, it is equipped with a laser scan system. This non-contact point sensor can focus its light very precisely, providing a small spot size and extremely accurate surface focus while measuring.