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Laser Micromachining Services — YAG & Excimer


Features within Single Microns

As leaders in the field of precision laser micromachining, Gateway Laser Services specializes in the processing of highly precise components requiring extremely close tolerances. Our technologically advanced High Resolution Laser process solves many of the problems associated with traditional laser cutting and can be used in a variety of industries for many applications.

Medical Devices
Hole drilling for catheters, implants, hypo-tubes, gas flow orifices, drug delivery, filtering devices, and hole arrays.

Slots and holes for tubular or flat parts, nozzles, solar cells, gaskets, washers, fuel cells, and ink jet printers as well as parts for the aerospace, automotive, and R&D instrumentation markets.

Contacts, spacers, transducers, fiber optics, semiconductors, connectors, resistors, MEMS, and probes.

We work with a variety of materials including metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, polyimides, PEEK, PZT, nitinol, thin films, silicon wafers,  silicone, adhesives and more.....

Extreme Precision Micromachining
For Polymers, Ceramics, Metals

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