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of Precision Laser Micromachining Service

Laser Cutting

Precision laser micro-cutting services featuring exceptional edge quality and extremely close tolerances.

Laser Drilling

High resolution laser drilling processes on a variety of materials with a high degree of precision and definition.

Laser Welding

Seam and spot laser welding services on stainless steel, alloys and titanium.

Laser Marking

Laser etching, engraving and marking services for medical components, implants and microelectronics.


Precision Micromachining For Polymers, Ceramics & Metals

As leaders in the field of precision laser micromachining, Gateway Laser Services specializes in the processing of highly precise components requiring extremely close tolerances. Our technologically advanced High Resolution Laser process solves many of the problems associated with traditional laser cutting and can be used in a variety of industries for many applications.

High precision components for implants, catheters, needles, and electronics for the medical industry.

This photo demonstrates a bio-filter with 100 micron openings. Other medical applications require small precise holes for gas flow regulators, drug delivery, etc.

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Custom Made Micro Washers

Through the use of high resolution laser micromachining we can produce custom made micro washers featuring internal diameters as small as .002". We work with many types of materials and are capable of high volume production.

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Precision Laser Cutting Flex Circuits

Photoablation based laser micro machining offers improvements in traditional flexible circuit and PCB production processes by featuring high edge quality and extremely clean surfaces that can be laser drilled with holes and slots of any shape.

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Extreme Precision Micromachining for Polymers, Ceramics, Metals & Alloys

The image at left is magnified 70x and features .004” diameter holes through .010”-thick PZT wafer to create a pattern of gold conductor. Read more about our materials capabilities

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