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We work with various types of materials including polymers, ceramics, metals and alloys. 

polyimides laser machining


Polyimide materials include kapton, cirlex, flexcircuits and coverlays. Image at left features polyimide part with feature size of .004-.008".

ceramics laser cutting


Ceramic materials Include alumina, PZT and green-unfired. Image at left features slots in .005" thick alumina, .005" wall in between; magnification 100x

laser cutting metals alloys

Metals & Alloys 

Metals and alloys including stainless, titanium, tantalum, brass and beryllium-copper. Image at left features stainless steel microblade spikes 200 microns high; magnification 70x.

laser cutting polymers


Polymers include PEEK, polycarbonates, hytrel, kalrez, silicone, mylar and ultem. Image at left features Kalrez material .010" thick (used for seals & gaskets), holes .004" and .008" diameter, .002" walls; magnification 35x.

laser cutting film foils

Thin Films & Foils

Laser machining thin films and foils include Ta, Mo, Fe, Zn, Gold, Pt, etc. Image at left features 75 micron wide serpentine pattern on brass .002" thick; magnification 100x.

laser epoxy cutting

Epoxy Materials & Preforms

Image at left features an epoxy Adhesive 0.012" ID.

 Epoxy Film

  • AIT Films
  • Frozen or Thermoformable
  • Ablestik (Henkel) RF Films
  • Emerson & Cuming