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As a leader in Laser Micro Machining, Gateway Laser produces high-precision parts for a wide range of applications. The most popular applications include:

micro washers


Custom-made microwashers featuring internal diameters as small as .002" are used in all types of medical and electronic devices. Image at left: Epoxy Adhesive - 0.012" ID.

 flex circuits

Flex Circuits

Photoablation-based laser micromachining offers improvements in traditional flexible circuit and PCB production processes by featuring high-edge quality and extremely clean surfaces that can be laser drilled with holes and slots of any shape. Image at left: 002" vias drilled in double sided Cu laminate.

 medical devices

Medical Devices 

High-precision components for implants, catheters, needles and electronics for the medical industry. Image at left: Flat stent with .003-.004" wide struts.

 micro laser machined hole

Holes, Orifices

Laser Drilling is perfect for creating flow orifices, optical apertures, hole arrays and microfluidic channels. Image at left: Gas flow orifice.003" diameter in brass.

 laser cut gears

Precision Miniature Gears

Image at left: A small Implant. The gear-like part made of .005" thick Stainless Steel has an OD of .060".

 Other common applications for precision laser micromachining can include: 

  • Masks
  • Tubules
  • Electronic components and parts including contacts, insulators, via drilling, silicon wafers and microchips
  • Components for the automotive and aerospace industries including sensors, MEMs and OEMs