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Since 1999, Gateway Laser Services has provided the highest quality of service to many industries that require micromanufacturing. We follow the highest standards of machining and welding and can produce work with fast turnaround times. 

At Gateway Laser, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a laser cutting job shop. Our high resolution micromachining process allows us to produce very small features with unparalleled precision. Our laser cutting services are for those who must meet exact standards requiring highly accurate dimensions and extremely tight tolerances. Read some of our featured case studies for more on what we do.

We specialize in serving the medical and electronics marketplace in the U.S. from our centrally located facility in St. Louis, Missouri. We are capable of providing cost effective prototypes, but we also have the capacity to process large production runs quickly and efficiently. Our team of expert engineers are prepared to work with you to provide customized, high-quality solutions produced by laser.


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Mario Vaenberg  |  Business Director

Technical Inquiries:
Igor Lukash  |  Technical Director