Laser Micromachining - Metals & Alloys

Laser Micromachining can be performed on all types of metals and alloys with high levels of accuracy and extremely close tolerances; Kerfs are as small as .0005 inches allowing dimensional control of the cutting to be within an accuracy level of +/-.0002 inches.

Thin metal foils in the range of .0005 to .010 inches thick are laser micromachined using high-resolution Lasers with extreme precision and definition.

Tubing, flat stock, 3-dimensional shapes can be laser processed.

Gold Conductor removed from PZT wafer .004 inch diameter holes

Vias Drilled .002 inch vias drilled onto copper laminate

Needle Hole .010 inch hole titanium IA needle

Stainless Steel 50 micron geometry

Serpentine 70 Micron serpentine brass pattern

Nitinol Material Pattern

Screen Filter .005 inch diameter apertures

Hexagonal Grid from tantalum 100 micron struts