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Custom Made Micro Washers

 epoxy adhesive microwasher

Epoxy Adhesive 0.012" ID

Through the use of high-resolution laser micromachining, we can produce custom-made micro washers that are small enough to meet the most exact requirements. We work with many types of materials and are capable of high volume production. In addition, we can develop prototype micro washers to meet specific needs.

  • Internal diameters as low as .002" with tolerances of +/- .0002".
  • External diameters as low as .006" with tolerances of +/- .0005".
  • Precision (roundness and concentricity) +/- .0002".

Common Micro Washer Applications: spacers, shims, insulators, seals, gaskets, washers, flow orifices, restrictors, adhesives, optical apertures, fiber holders, small medical implants and micro parts for assembly and laser welding.         

ceramic washers polymer microwasher ceramic washer
Ceramic Washers
0.010" ID
Polymer Washers
0.004" wide
Ceramic Washer
0.020" ID
brass microwasher rubber seal microwasher  
Brass Washers
0.036" OD
Rubber Seal
0.020" OD