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Laser Welding Process
Laser welding is an effective method for joining small parts with tight tolerances. In the future, it will compete with traditional methods of welding or replace assembly/joining technologies benefiting industries that have never used laser welding before. Read More.

Micromachining Medical Implants
This article discusses the use of photonics to provide solutions within the medical industry. Read more.

Article from Job Shop Technology: "High-Resolution Laser Micromachining"
This article discusses our high-resolution laser micromachining process to micromachine very small parts with feature sizes down to 0.001 inches and tolerances to ± 0.0002 inch. Read More.

Press Release: Laser Micromachining Single Micron Increments
Our high resolution process is an alternative method for those manufacturers who rely on high levels of consistency, repeatability and extremely tight tolerances. This is a fast and dependable way to machine small and thin parts for medical, electronic and OEM applications. Read More.