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Laser Micromachining in Single Micron Increments

Technology Capable of Laser Micromachining Features in Single Micron Increments.

Pellethane micromachiningGateway Laser Services is on the cutting edge of laser technology. They provide laser micromachining services for the fabrication of medical and electronic devices. They specialize in processing small features when extremely high precision and close tolerances are a requirement. Laser micromachining has been shown to out perform conventional machining methods. Their high resolution process is an alternative method for those manufacturers who rely on high levels of consistency, repeatability and extremely tight tolerances. It’s a fast and dependable way to machine small and thin parts for medical, electronic and OEM applications.

Laser micromachining features in single micron increments involves a technology capable of achieving high levels of accuracy. Gateway Laser Services offers laser processing using Excimer technology to process extremely small features with single micron precision for medical device, bio medical, aerospace, and OEM markets. Examples of applications include implants, catheters, biomedical filters, ophthalmic applications, masks, microfluidic channels and gas flow devices. Hole orifices can be processed with diameters in the range of 10-100 um for multiple hole arrays in a wide range of polymer materials.  In addition, the laser process does not diminish the integrity of the material. It leaves a clean edge without heat-affected zones.

gimbal micro machiningLaser micromachining works well with various materials, including metals and alloys, polyimides used for flex circuits, silicones, ceramics, silicon wafers and various polymers.  They can work with flat shapes, cylindrical, tubular and other shapes.  The laser process provides greater flexibility than other methods when design changes are in order.

Gateway Laser Services can drill holes so small that it can be difficult to see the orifice with the naked eye. This shows why the microscope is such a critical part of the instrument system. Gateway Laser Services uses sophisticated microscope systems that measure and monitor standards and tolerances. The microscopes provide both visual verification and measurement to assure that quality control objectives and specifications are met or exceeded. Microscope photos can be e-mailed to the client to help expedite the evaluation of a part.

There are new and exciting applications daily. Whether it is a new surgical blade, a next generation printer head, a slot on a silicon wafer or a part inside a pacemaker, design engineers keep pushing the envelope making small parts even smaller and more compact. Gateway Laser Services offers various types of laser micromachining and welding options capable of dealing with the ever evolving industry of high-tech manufacturing.